Easter Picnic and Evening Class

On Easter Sunday, the teachers all went to a nearby park for a picnic. It was the first weekend of true spring weather – temperature in the 70’s, flowers blooming and gorgeous! We dyed and decorated eggs and then participated in one of the teacher’s family traditions: The Egg Crack Off. How it’s played: two opponents hold their hard boiled egg and at the same time ram them into each other. The person whose egg cracks, loses, and the other player continues on in the Crack Off Tournament.

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A Weekend of “Seoul”

On Saturday morning, Hannah, Cameron, Luke and I rode into Seoul for the weekend. We had only been during New Year’s and were dying to go again. We stayed in different hostels – both in Hongdae – but Luke&I walked with them to their place and then we went and grabbed lunch afterwards. We found a YouTube video of a couple people that lived in Korea and had a couple suggestions on where to go in Seoul that wasn’t super touristy. We went to all of them.

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